kayra keskin

Trendyol is by far Turkey’s largest online shopping platform. The main brief we received while talking to the Trendyol team was “November should be like a festival!”. Accordingly, we had to produce a campaign worthy of Trendyol for Black Friday, one of the online shopping events all over the world. So we called the event “Super Sale Days”.
First of all, we had to prepare a promotional commercial in which we had to inform the sellers and customers that the event was approaching. In the commercial, we adapted Kenan Doğulu’s “Şans Meleğim” song, one of the legendary songs of Turkish Pop Music, for our campaign. During the event, we gave tips on the categories that will have the biggest discounts in the commercial.

After our commercial was released, we broadcast our countdown commercials without slowing down. We used 9 celebrities from Turkey in these commercials. TV celebrities, gamers, social media celebrities and even NBA players. 5 days before the launch of the campaign, our celebrities played in a different commercials every day, telling users how many days are left for the campaign.

And when the big day came, Kenan Doğulu, the legendary name of Turkish Pop, took the stage and started the campaign.

When the Super Sale Days were over, we released a commercial indicating that the “Legendary Days” campaign, which is the second biggest campaign of November is approaching. In the commercial we told people who were upset that they missed the Super Sale Days and that a second chance Legendary Days is approaching.

On our movies we’ve smashed the “Discount” text to indicate that these discounts are not like any other discounts.