kayra keskin

Turkey is number 1 in Europe in plastic waste. European Union countries banned the consumption of single-use plastics with
the decision they took in 2019. But the proposal is still in draft in the Turkish parliament and the consumption of single-use plastics has increased even more with the epidemic. Greenpeace Mediterranean has launched a signature campaign to
convey to the Ministry of Environment, on “plastiktenkurtul.org” and they wanted to draw attention to this issue
with a social media campaign.
Logos of popular cities tend to reflect their beauties… Sea, sun, landmarks, animals. The truth is all these beautiful cities that inspire these designs are actually heavily littered by visitors. So, we changed the logos of municipalities of tourist locations
which suffer most from plastic waste. We littered their logos with single-use plastic items. And reached out to people through
their popular social media accounts. You’ll ask why. In Turkey, municipalities of popular locations are very active in social media.
They have sizeable followings and also followed closely by both local and mainstream media.​​​​​​​

Voluntary municipalities upgraded their profile with filthy logos.
This was planned.

Tens of others littered their own logos and started sharing them.
This was not.

Thousands of followers urged their own local authorities to join the action.
34 other municipalities started sharing messages of support.